Your external production team and overflow resource

morpho mor·​pho | \ ˈmȯr-(ˌ)fō  |  a combining form meaning “form, structure,” used in the formation of compound words.
lab \ ˈlab  |  any place, situation or set of conditions conducive to experimentation, investigation, and observation.

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Who are we?

Morpholab is an Architecture Studio founded in 2016 and based in Houston, Texas, that provides a wide array of consulting services for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate industries. We operate as an external production team and overflow resource.  

Our mastery of Architecture and Interior Design and proven consulting experience allow us to supply excellent quality with fast turnaround times, reasonable fees and a 100% personalized service. Working with us means interacting directly with a knowledgeable team of professionals a phone call away.

Our company was founded around one basic principle:

making design simple as life.

What do we do?

Our multidisciplinary team provides a list of architectural consulting services grouped in two divisions:


We offer outsourcing services that help organizations achieve their goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Count on us as your external allies and cut labor and operation costs, increase your efficiency and provide yourself with time to focus on your core business.

  • Architectural and Interior Design (Commercial / Residential)

  • Production of Pricing/Permit/Construction Documents

  • Surveying, 3D Scanning and Building Documentation

  • Jobsite Remote Monitoring

  • Architectural Translation (English - Spanish)

  • Lighting Analysis and Photometric Calculations

  • Construction Administration


Visualization envisages the end result of a construction project early on the design phase and under variables such as volumetrics, aesthetics, materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting, etc. We produce graphic aids with different levels of realism to fit any goal and budget.

  • Interior Visualization

  • Exterior and Aerial Visualization

  • Colored Elevations

  • Colored Site and Floor Plans

  • 3D Animations and Walk-throughs

  • Interactive Panoramas

  • Lighting and Solar Simulations

How do we do it?

Call us whenever you are struggling with an approaching deadline that you cannot catch with your own means -or that you want to meet in a more efficient and profitable manner- and we will meet or videoconference with you to evaluate your needs, discuss the budget and time frame, brainstorm ideas, and grasp the information necessary for us to jump in and help. We adapt to your standards and graphic identity to produce cohesive deliverables that will smoothly blend in with your whole set of documents. We can even join you to your meetings or conference calls with your clients as an integral part of your design team. 


Industries we serve

  • Architecture (Commercial / Residential)

  • Interior Design (Commercial / Residential)

  • Engineering (Civil, Structural and MEP)

  • Development

  • Construction

  • Real Estate

  • Property Management

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Law and Insurance


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