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​Our portfolio includes diverse consulting services for Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Construction Companies and Real Estate Professionals, but we also serve Developers, Investors, Miscellaneous Businesses and Homeowners. No matter what your architectural needs are, we hold your back. We have the knowledge, the expertise, the talent and the manpower to tackle any size of project with excellence and efficiency.

Architectural and Interior Design

Architecture Illustration

Creating amazing buildings and spaces is our passion and the core of our business. We have the talent and the experience to deliver the right design solution for your needs, taste and budget.

Morpholab's design team has a collective experience of more than a million square feet of architectural and interior design for residential and commercial projects all over North and South America. From programming, conceptualization and schematic design to construction documentation and administration, we transform your ideas into outstanding realities. We partner with skilled Engineers (Civil, Structural and MEP) and Landscape Architects in different states to supply full design packages.

We built our professional careers designing award-winning commercial spaces and stunning residential projects. You deserve expert architectural consultancy.

Production of Pricing/Permit/Construction Documents

Architecture Model Sketching

Is your preliminary design ready for the next step but you are short on resources? Boost your production capacity by letting us put together your pricing, permit and construction sets of drawings.


We have a large and proven experience at producing top-of -the-line architectural documents and transforming preliminary and even schematic design concepts into highly detailed and cohesive pricing, permit and construction sets. Our BIM/CAD multi-plaftorm production line is ready to handle your overflow so you don't need to draw upon new hires or untrained interns to face your peak times.


We can join you to your meetings and presentations, coordinate your consultants and product suppliers for you, and even submit for ADA review, TDLR Registration and City Permitting.

Laser Scanner Surveying and Building Documentation


Renovating, rehabilitating, repositioning, leasing, selling or simply inventorying a property? Let us document your building or space into accurate, reliable and highly detailed Building Backgrounds.


We provide site assessment, site surveying, field verification, as-builts documentation, BOMA Standards calculation and Lease Guide + Control Books preparation services for some of the largest architecture and construction firms in the country.​


Architecture, finishes, mechanical, lighting, electrical and plumbing: powered by our sister company 3DJAB, we can document it all using state-of-the-art LIDAR 3D scanners and 360° cameras. For the same cost of manual surveying, in a fraction of the time and with a far less obtrusive activity on-site, we can deliver accurate and reliable Building Backgrounds supported by 3D data compatible with every CAD and BIM platform.

Photometric Analysis and Lighting Calculations


Bring your designs out of the dark with our Photometric Analysis services. Indoor and outdoor lighting calculations and simulations in record time and for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you are designing a lighting layout, deciding between alternative specification options, assembling an energy efficient and budget friendly luminaire schedule, applying for construction permitting or compiling data for LEED Certification, we can provide you and your design team with a wide array of lighting analysis services, from point-by-point foot candle numeric calculations to chromatic representations and realistic simulations.


By means of powerful software tools we can predict the distribution of natural or artificial light in outdoor/indoor environments and translate that information into comprehensive graphic documentation at a surprisingly low fee and with a same day turnaround. 

Construction Administration


From Contractor selection to full completion, we can provide Construction Administration Services to guarantee the integrity of the architectural design and protect your client's investment.

Our professional assistance starts from the moment pricing documents are available.


We can lead/coordinate the bidding and negotiation; produce and issue Addenda, Bulletins and Explanations; schedule and attend Kick-off Meetings, C.A. Meetings and Site Visits; issue Site Reports; process Shop Drawings and Submittals; review Material Test Reports; channel and resolve Requests for Information (RFI) and Architect's Supplemental Instructions (ASI); address Revisions, record changes to the Contract Documents and process Change Orders; review and certify Applications for Payment; run the Punch List and coordinate corrective actions; provide substantial and final completion services.

Architectural Translation (English - Spanish)


Developing, designing, managing or supervising a project in a Hispanic country? Count on our Architectural Translation Services and don't get lost in translation.

Translation software tools are unreliable and inaccurate, particularly for technical content that requires highly skilled professional converters. This is why we exclusively offer human-based translations as part of our services. Each translation is addressed by a 100% bilingual Architect or Designer with advanced expertise in the construction industry. The process is supervised and the converted documents are proof-read before distribution.


Drawings, Construction Documents, Specification Manuals, Handbooks, Schedules, Meeting Minutes, Punch Lists, Reports, RFIs and more: ¡podemos ayudarte! ("we can help you!"). 

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