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The technology that is transforming the

Construction Industry

  • High accuracy and dependability

  • Minimized human errors

  • Minimized liability

  • Reduced surveying time

  • Reduced obtrusive activity on site

  • No need of additional site visits

  • Centralized and interactive reference data

  • Similar cost to traditional manual surveying techniques

  • 2 states


  • 26 cities

  • 157 buildings

  • 2'000.000+ square feet

surveying map.png

Renovating, rehabilitating, repositioning, leasing, selling or simply inventorying a property? Let us document your building or space into accurate, reliable and highly detailed Building Backgrounds produced by means of state of the art 3D scanning technology.

At the forefront of innovation, the architectural 3D scanning technology offers unparalleled advantages in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate. Precision and accuracy are paramount as 3D scanning captures intricate details of existing structures, enabling us to deliver highly accurate 2D/3D building backgrounds, digital representations and immersive interactive experiences. 3D scanning minimizes errors, speed up the surveying work on siteas well as the documentation tasks, accelerate decision-making processes and significantly reduces costs associated with rework. Embrace the future of architecture with our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology and unlock a realm of possibilities for your projects.


Since 2016, Morpholab Consulting has been providing site assessment, site surveying, field verification, as-builts documentation, BOMA Standards calculation and Lease Guide + Control Books preparation services for some of the largest architecture and construction firms in the country.​ Architecture, finishes, mechanical, lighting, electrical and plumbing: we document it all using state-of-the-art LIDAR 3D scanners and 360° cameras.

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