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Bring your designs out of the shadows with our lighting analysis services

  • Lighting Layout and Photometric Design

  • Outdoor / indoor Photometric Calculations

  • Outdoor / indoor Lighting Simulations

  • 3D Lighting / Daylight Animations

  • Code Compliance Assessment

  • Same day turnaround for most projects

  • Unbeatable price rates

  • 3 states


  • 8 cities

  • 200+ buildings

  • 3'000,000+ square feet

Unveil the potential of your spaces and achieve code compliance with our specialized Photometric Calculation Services. From detailed analyses to tailored lighting solutions, we bring accuracy and innovation to every construction project. 

Lighting plays a crucial role in architecture, contributing significantly to both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a building, site or space, and impacting the way they are perceived, experienced and utilized. A thoughtful approach to lighting design not only enhances the aesthetics but also addresses functional, psychological, environmental and legal aspects of a built environment.


Working hand to hand with your MEP Engineer, we employ cutting-edge software and techniques to design Lighting Layouts and deliver powerful numeric and graphic analysis tools that evaluate the performance and efficiency of your existing or proposed lighting system, including Photometric Schedules, Lighting Calculation Plans, Rendered and Pseudo Color Photometric Plans, and Rendered Photometric Isometrics, among many others.

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